• Movie Trailers
    Marvel unveils first trailer for ‘Black Panther’

    Boseman, Black Panther go solo before joining The Avengers At least Marvel gave NBA fans a reason to tune in to the less than competitive 2017 NBA Finals when they unleashed the first trailer for Black Panther during game 4 of the series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. To be fair, […]

    205: Reel Hooligans versus Wonder Woman

    The Princess of the Amazons┬áproves women have box office power A good DC movie? A female led superhero movie?? What the hell is going on??? Must be the end of the world. Nope. It’s just the Wonder Woman movie — finally, after all these years — and the Reel Hooligans are all over it. This […]

    204: Reel Hooligans versus Alien: Covenant

    Guest Hooligan Jason Turner guides us through Ridley Scott’s career Ridley Scott is one of the most influential filmmakers of my generation. From the 1979 sci-fi/ horror classic Alien to Blade Runner to Gladiator to the newly released prequel, Alien: Covenant, Scott has created some of the most memorable movies ever and some head scratchers. […]

  • NEWS
    ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 trailer unleashes badass footage

    War is coming to Westeros (finally)…and apparently so is Winter (eventually) With less than three months until season seven of Game of Thrones is unveiled by HBO, we’ve finally got a good look at some real, actual footage of the penultimate season. The good news is, it’s packed with gorgeous action that looks even more […]

  • Casting
    Tom Holland to play young Nathan Drake in ‘Uncharted’

    Spidey actor set to take on video game franchise Get ready to hear this kid’s name a lot. Tom Holland, known to most movie fans as the latest to don the web shooters as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, has been cast to play a teenage version of Nathan Drake in the video game adaptation of […]