• David Cain
    David Cain, Co-Host of Reel Hooligans

    Location: Kansas City, (United States) | ¬†Twitter: @dmckeeper I’m a bit of late-in-life comic lover. Terrible 80’s music is where I fit in. KC native. Some might say I am cynical, I say I am honest. Dogs are better than cats. Zodiac: Virgo Secret Identity: Warehouse Manager What I do for Reel Hooligans: I sit […]

  • Movie Trailers
    Red Band trailer for American Assassin unloads

    Dylan O’Brien is kicking some ass in the Restricted trailer Talk about interesting casting. Dylan O’Brien, known for his role as Stiles in the MTV’s Teen Wolf and The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, looks to be ready to take the next step as an action star. Based on the trailer for American […]

    Tim English, Creator and Voice of Reel Hooligans

    Location: Kansas City, (United States) | ¬†Twitter: @tbenglish Our Boss Hooligan is also a film critic for Scene-Stealers.com and has been seen on KC Live on KSHB (NBC) and Better KC on KCTV (CBS.) He is a board member for the Kansas City Film Critics Circle and the Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City, and […]

    206: Reel Hooligans versus The Mummy

    The Mummy sucks. Nothing actually comes at night. And dating…. Sometimes, the crappiest movies bring out the best in the Reel Hooligans. This week, Tim and David take on Tom Cruise in The Mummy starring Tom Cruise as Tom Cruise!! Is this really what Universal had in mind when they picked this movie to launch […]

  • Casting
    Could Emma Stone co-star with Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2?

    Oscar winner could be what Cruise needs to get some box office love Tom Cruise announced this week he is ready to jump back into the cockpit and head into aerial battle as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the long-rumored sequel to the 1986 smash hit, Top Gun. While doing his press rounds for The Mummy, […]