Excellent question. Get to know the Hooligans, from our Captain and King, Tim, to his trusty co-pilot, David, to the number of wild ones that have joined us from episode to episode!

Find out what our favorite movies are, what we’re watching on Netflix, and follow us on Twitter and stuff….most of us will make it worth it.

The REEL Hooligans:


Tim English, the Creator and Voice

David Cain, the Co-Pilot slash Sidekick

Show Contributors:

Alan Rapp

Alex Young

Lisa Erdman

Ceejay Bachus

Website Contributors:




Bryan Ponce, Hooligan Writer




Clara Greguccio, International Movies and TV

Guest Hooligans:

Corey Eaton, Dyani Eaton, Bryan O’Connor, Jason Haugland, Henri Ewell, Jessica O’Shea, Sunny Bell, Jennifer English, Lonita Cook, Nick Leach, Jeff Owens, Nicolas English, Michaels Smith, Jeremy Werner