To the bone is a full-length film produced by Netflix, written by Marti Noxon (producer and writer of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer) that tackles an important and delicate theme: the eating disorder.

The main character Ellen, interpreted by Lily Collins (Love, Rosie), is a rebel and anarchist but also an anorexic girl who is thrown out of every clinic for her disrespectful attitude.

At the base of her problem are the skeletons in her closet. On one side we have the constant absence of her father, too busy on the job to be nearby her. On the other is her mother, who is discovering her homosexuality and doesn’t doesn’t feel ready to be a parent.

Among these, there is is the suicide of a girl that seems to have sprung from some sketches posted by Ellen on a social network. The only support given to Ellen comes from her stepmother and sister who push her to make one last attempt at the unconventional clinical of the Dr. William Beckham (Keanu Reeves, The Matrix.)

The film opens with the warning of images that could bump the sensibility, but it has really been this way? No, not to my opinion. This could be considered a proper film for all the ages, in how much the theme is faced in way, perhaps, some superficial. They are not faced in real way the causes of the problem, on the contrary it tells him the routine of Ellen and the guys of the nursing home that look for the strength for of it to come out.

The intense look of Lily Collins and the strangeness of her friend Luke (Alex Sharp, How To Talk to Girls at Parties), placed side by side to the figure of the great Reeves and the precision of the clinical data has not been enough factors to make the film worthy of praise.

The trouble is reduced to the lack of love or attention. A little bit of a stereotype don’t you believe?
There has not been a way to reduce the problem, other than to to cross it and to face it.

In conclusion, contrarily of “13 Reason Why“, that has received world success and found interest in the minds of adults and teen-agers helping to reflect on the problems of them , To the Bone is a film with a good premise, but the spectator is captured only in some scenes and the end he leaves the bitterness in mouth.

It is important to recognize the appointment of Lily Collins that it has in first person suffered of anorexia and of the whole cast that also has it must fight with the troubles of the food behavior.

For the strength and the trust that they have had in the cause: Chapeau!

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