• David Cain
    David’s Best of 2016

    I am not a critic. Not in the classical sense of the word, when it comes to reviewing movies and TV. I am simply a ginger that can’t go outside, so I watch lots of movies, and since everyone on the internet is a critic, I thought I would give it a go. I don’t […]

    116: The Jeremy Renner Project part Three

    Rennerverse: All roads lead to our grand finale! This is it! The final chapter in the Jeremy Renner Project. Tim and David are joined by Mr. Alan Rapp this week to bring everything into focus and prove the Rennerverse is real! Tune as the boys analyze most recent movies in Renner’s career and determine how […]

    115: The Jeremy Renner Project part Two

    The Rennerverse. Musicals. And prepping for the Critics Choice Awards. The Rennerverse is real, folks. During part two of the no-so-scientific investigation to crack the code on Jeremy Renner’s one man cinematic universe, the Reel Hooligans disect the middle third of Jeremy Renner‘s filmography. But, that’s not all. Tim is still prepping for the Critic’s […]

    114: The Jeremy Renner Project part One

    Is the Rennerverse real? The Hooligans investigate! This week on Reel Hooligans, Tim and David try and solve one of the greatest mysteries of our time: Is Jeremy Renner playing the same character in every movie?  In part ONE of a THREE part investigative series, the Reel Hooligans break down Renner’s career and try and […]