Pennywise seeks to unleash a new reign of terror

The sadistic shape shifter, IT, is back in town and he is prepared to cause mayhem once more on the lives of the innocent youth of Derry. In this new cinematic adaptation of It, based of Stephen King’s bestselling novel by the same name, the self-titled members of the Loser’s Club must face off against the notoriously bloodthirsty Pennywise, the dancing clown. They must also fend off against school bullies and deal with dubious and unhelpful adult figures.

The It remake directed by Andrés Muschiettiis will feature many young up and coming talented actors. The film will star Jaeden Lieberher as Bill Denbrough, the Loser’s Club revenge seeking leader, Finn Wolfhard is playing Richie Tozier, Bill’s loud mouth friend, and Nicholas Hamilton will play Henry Bowers the savage bully. The 26-year-old Swedish actor, Bill Skarsgård is going to have the biggest shoes to fill as he has taken on the iconic role of Pennywise.

There is no doubt that Muschiettis is working with good talent, however, will these newbies have what it takes to elevate King’s well-established characters and bring something new to the table? We’ll just have to wait till September to find out.

The most important question we should ask ourselves is, will this latest version of, It, do its job right and scare the piss out of us?

It – Official Teaser Trailer

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