• 2016 Movie Reviews
    THE BFG movie review

    Fun, but lacks the Spielberg magic we all know and love Release date: July 1, 2016 HOOLIGAN SCORE: 6/10 Steven Spielberg holds a special place in my heart as a lifelong fan of motion pictures. Jaws came out the year I was born. As a child of divorce, I totally identified with Elliot’s isolation in […]

    103: Reel Hooligans versus The Civil War Guys

    Whose side are you on? Captain America or Iron Man? We all hate it when our friends fight. Unless it’s a bunch of comic book super heroes, then…whatever. Join the Reel Hooligans as they take on the new Marvel blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War. It’s a jam-packed episode. Bryan O’Connor returns for another round of […]

    102: Reel Hooligans versus The Underdogs of Infinite Madness

    The ultimate battle for the Greatest Sports Movie of All-Time begins! This week on Reel Hooligans!! — Introducing Hooligan Movie Madness!! Tim and the Reel Hooligans will crown the BEST. SPORTS. MOVIE. EVER!! — with a 32-movie single elimination tournament to crown a champion and determine once and for all, the greatest sports movie EVER! […]

    101: Reel Hooligans versus Batman and Superman

    DC’s Greatest Heroes are Finally United for a Crappy Movie Meanwhile, in the inaugural episode of Tim and the Reel Hooligans… The Hooligans face their greatest foe(s) ever! It’s Batman and Superman! Together! For the first time, EVER!! This is gonna be awesome…right?….Right?!?!??? But is it as epic as it should have been? Does Batman […]