Can DC’s world building learn from past mistakes and improve?

DC’s Black Adam.

There has been a lot of talk around Dwayne Johnson and his role as one of the Warner Bros. new DC Extended Universe (DCEU) super villains, Black Adam. According to producer Geoff Johns, The Rock will not be appearing as Black Adam in their next big project, Shazamset for release in 2019. The mythical caped crusader of DC’s Shazam known as, Captain Marvel, will have to wait to take on his arch nemesis, Black Adam, as both characters stories will be told in independent films.

The production for Shazam is set to start early next year and it will be directed by David Sandberg (Lights Out, Annabelle Creation).

There is still no confirmation on who will play the lead roles of young Billy Batson and his alter ego, Captain Marvel. No word on when production will begin for Black Adam’s origin story.

Its safe to assume that they both will at some point interact with the Justice League.

Okay, Hooligans! What do you think about The Rock playing Black Adam? Who should play Billy Batson and Captain Marvel? (They can’t really call him that anymore can they?) Sound off in the comments below and let the Reel Hooligans know what you think!

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  1. Marc

    Dwayne Johnson would be a good addition to the D.C. Universe. For him to portray Black Adam in a movie would be very interesting to see , but it would have to done right. Thanks for the info on Shazam upcoming movie.

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