• Celebrity Interviews
    Episode 202: Reel Hooligans and the Shared Universe

    Can Kong and Godzilla co-exist in a “shared universe”? Behold…the shared universe. A vast cinematic world where characters co-exist, allowing for individual movies to be paired with team-ups, sequels, and spin-offs. Sure, everyone has to have one now. From Marvel to Star Wars to King Kong and Godzilla, is there an end to this Hollywood […]

    116: The Jeremy Renner Project part Three

    Rennerverse: All roads lead to our grand finale! This is it! The final chapter in the Jeremy Renner Project. Tim and David are joined by Mr. Alan Rapp this week to bring everything into focus and prove the Rennerverse is real! Tune as the boys analyze most recent movies in Renner’s career and determine how […]

    111: Reel Hooligans present ‘Hooliween 2016’

    Scary movies. Ghosts. Monsters. And a bunch of Hooligans. Yes! It’s that time — FINALLY!! Our big Halloween or as we call it — HOOLIWEEN. Tim and David are joined by Lonita Cook; Alan Rapp and Jeff Owens from the Kansas City Film Critics Circle; and Nick Leach. Topics include fav Halloween traditions, and movie reviews of Shin […]

    108: Reel Hooligans versus The Magnificent Seven

    This week the Reel Hooligans take on The Magnificent Seven starring Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke. Is it as good as the original? Are they ever? Speaking of westerns and remakes….Tim and David talk a little bit about westerns and remakes with Alan Rapp (Xplosion of Awesome, RazorFine Reviews). And just to spice things up, […]

    101: Reel Hooligans versus Batman and Superman

    DC’s Greatest Heroes are Finally United for a Crappy Movie Meanwhile, in the inaugural episode of Tim and the Reel Hooligans… The Hooligans face their greatest foe(s) ever! It’s Batman and Superman! Together! For the first time, EVER!! This is gonna be awesome…right?….Right?!?!??? But is it as epic as it should have been? Does Batman […]