205: Reel Hooligans versus The Iron Detective

    Filmmaker Jason Turner dishes on his Iron Detective dreams This week, Tim English and David Cain are joined by Kansas City filmmaker Jason Turner, creator of the Iron City Chronicles. Jason is running a kickstarter campaign to fund a feature film project to bring his dream project to realization. (Update: The campaign was successful!) Plus, […]

    104: Reel Hooligans versus The Suicide Squad

    A movie about crappy bad guys — what could possibly go wrong? After disappearing into the craziness of summer, you had to wonder what hellish force would be powerful enough to unite the Hooligans. But, here they are! The Reel Hooligans return to take on yet another DC flick — Tim and David go head […]

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    Suicide Squad: the worst of DC’s worst

    Hooligan Rating: 4/10 You know how sometimes you have a thought in your head but when you say it out loud you realize you sound like an idiot? I imagine this how the pitch meeting for Suicide Squad went. “Let’s make a movie about these bad guys who are thrown together to save the world” Yep. […]

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    The Secret Life of Pets: Simple-minded, but fun

    Hooligan rating: 6/10 Most animated summer movies don’t offer much of an intellectual challenge to its audience — unless it’s Pixar — but they don’t always hit the mark. So, it’s not to be unexpected that The Secret Life of Pets, which is brought to you by the same studio that forced Minions on us last […]

  • 2016 Movie Reviews
    THE BFG movie review

    Fun, but lacks the Spielberg magic we all know and love Release date: July 1, 2016 HOOLIGAN SCORE: 6/10 Steven Spielberg holds a special place in my heart as a lifelong fan of motion pictures. Jaws came out the year I was born. As a child of divorce, I totally identified with Elliot’s isolation in […]