Can Landis recapture campy magic produced by dad in the 80s?

There is no doubt that we are living in an era of remakes and we must simply learn to adapt. The classic, 80s horror film American Werewolf in London, directed and written by John Landis will be getting a complete makeover by his screenwriter son, Max Landis (Chronicle).

In my opinion, it is hard to determine whether a remake of this classic will be good or not because it needs to be unique enough to stand out from its original source material. A good movie remake should introduce new ideas, twists and turns to a story to make it new and exciting again.

In case some of you need a refresher American Werewolf in London is about two Americans backpacking through Europe (Griffin Dunne and David Naughton), who are attacked by a vicious, bloodthirsty werewolf. While one dies, the other survives, cursed by the beast.

Landis confirmed that he is currently half way through writing a script for the remake in an interview for IMDb with the unconventional film maker Kevin Smith. Max also expressed his desire to direct the film as well in the interview. He would be making his directorial debut.

What do you think Hooligans? Are any of you excited to see this father-son remake? Can Max do justice to his father’s work? Is this remake even necessary? Feel free to let me know any thoughts or opinions.

Max Landis Reveals Role in ‘An American Werewolf in London’ Remake

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