Will DC play nice with Valiant Comics or be forced to look for a new Joker?

The talented and incredibly eccentric Jared Leto is in negotiations with Sony to help bring the comic book series Bloodshot to life. The series was acquired by Sony from Valiant Comics in 2012 and will be the second in a series of five films that will make up Sony’s own cinematic universe.

The film will depict the origin story of Bloodshot, once a hitman for extremely influential and powerful crime families, but who now a brainwashed super soldier on the hunt to recover stolen memories.

If this deal goes through, it could be a game changer for Leto’s latest version of the Joker in the DCEU. Would the Joker have to be replaced and introduced again for future DC films? Leto would be carrying a great amount of weight on his shoulders because he could either make or break this new universe depending on fan reception of the character.

Would he even be the right person to kick of this project considering that his introduction as the Joker in Suicide Squad got mixed reviews.

Bloodshot will be produced by Neal Moritz and directed by Dave Wilson, who has a close working relationship with Deadpool director Tim Miller, partnering with him at Blur Studios since 1995.

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