• Bryan Ponce
    Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ get a proper introduction

    The battle for earth begins as Inhumans descend from Attilan In 2008 Iron Man, the first superhero origin story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was released and now the Inhumans are going to be added to the mix. At San Diego Comic Con 2017 on Friday, Marvel and ABC television introduced the Inhumans series with a new trailer. The cast and […]

  • Bryan Ponce
    Two worlds collide in the Netflix orginal ‘Bright’

    Will Smith faces his biggest challenge and — fairies? What’s more bad ass than having Will Smith play an L. A. police officer determined to keep the streets safe from crime, dangerous magical objects and most importantly fairies? Yes, that’s right there will be fairies, orcs, pixies, elves and many more mystical creatures running rampant […]

  • 2017 Movie Reviews
    Okja: A perfect mix worthy of the big screen

    Okja is the title of the movie and the name of a tender, cute and unlucky giant pig, created in a lab by a multinational society hungry of glory and profits, the Mirando Corporation. He is entrusted with custody to young Mija, (Korean actress Seo-Hyeon Ahn,) who is very fond of Okja, but unaware of […]

  • Clara Grecuccio
    End game, bitches : Goodbye ‘Pretty Little Liars’!!

    Series : Pretty Little Liars Episode : Till Death Do Us Part Network : Freeform For showrunner Marlene King, it has taken seven frustrating seasons to reach the end of Pretty Little Liars. Character disappearances, betrayals, Houses of the dolls, masks, lost brothers (and then found again), and oh yeah…revenge. These have been the strands of […]