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    Tim’s Worst of 2016

    I’m a little late on this one. But unfortunately, the pain of 2016 is still pretty fresh in my mind. The good thing about looking back on such a crappy year at the movie theatres is I realized I missed A LOT of movies that were considered among the worst of the year. So, it […]

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    Live By Night: Beautiful scenery helps slow story

    Hooligan rating: 6/10 What a bizarre year 2016 was for Ben Affleck. He starred in one of the worst Batman and/or Superman movies ever made — wasn’t his fault, I know. He made a pointless and confusing cameo in the second worst DC movie his year (Suicide Squad). He teamed up with Jon Bernthal for […]

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    Patriots Day: movie no match for real life drama

    Hooligan rating: 7/10 The thing about a movie like Patriots Day, which revisits the harrowing events surrounding the 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon, it all just feel too familiar to have the proper dramatic impact…or too soon. Bit of both, I guess. Mark Wahlberg stars as Boston cop Tommy Saunders, and is pretty much the […]

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    Suicide Squad: the worst of DC’s worst

    Hooligan Rating: 4/10 You know how sometimes you have a thought in your head but when you say it out loud you realize you sound like an idiot? I imagine this how the pitch meeting for Suicide Squad went. “Let’s make a movie about these bad guys who are thrown together to save the world” Yep. […]

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    The Secret Life of Pets: Simple-minded, but fun

    Hooligan rating: 6/10 Most animated summer movies don’t offer much of an intellectual challenge to its audience — unless it’s Pixar — but they don’t always hit the mark. So, it’s not to be unexpected that The Secret Life of Pets, which is brought to you by the same studio that forced Minions on us last […]

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    THE BFG movie review

    Fun, but lacks the Spielberg magic we all know and love Release date: July 1, 2016 HOOLIGAN SCORE: 6/10 Steven Spielberg holds a special place in my heart as a lifelong fan of motion pictures. Jaws came out the year I was born. As a child of divorce, I totally identified with Elliot’s isolation in […]