• 2017 Movie Reviews
    ‘Baywatch’ drowns in its own stupidity

    Vulgar jokes constantly misfire in this big screen adaptation Here’s the thing about the Baywatch movie. It could have been pretty damn funny. The concept is so ridiculous it begs to be the subject of satire. Unfortunately, the studio or filmmakers (likely both) decided to push the raunch factor and just hope people are so entertained […]

  • 2017 Movie Reviews
    Alien: Covenant is connecting all the wrong dots

    Prequel trilogy asking questions that don’t need answers I really wanted to love Alien: Covenant. I even saw it a second time hoping my jaded opinion from my first viewing was simply a case of either “being a critic” or a mere side-effect of “over hype.” I disliked it even more the second viewing. Set […]

  • 2017 Movie Reviews
    John Wick 2: Action speaks louder than words

    Keanu Reeves still kicking ass at 52 There’s no dead dog to rally around this time. In fact the plot feels a little more contrived this time around. Forget the plot. John Wick aka the Boogeyman is back and this time he’s out for revenge on the guys tried to kill him because he failed […]

  • Movie Reviews
    Tim’s Best of 2016

    There’s no point in dwelling on how incredibly disappointing 2016 was at the theatres. Yeah, there was some crap, but if you managed to stick around for the end, there was a pay off with several good, although maybe not great, flicks. Here’s what I’ll call my Best of 2016, in alpha order. 10 Cloverfield […]