The Mummy sucks. Nothing actually comes at night. And dating….

Sometimes, the crappiest movies bring out the best in the Reel Hooligans. This week, Tim and David take on Tom Cruise in The Mummy starring Tom Cruise as Tom Cruise!! Is this really what Universal had in mind when they picked this movie to launch their Dark Universe? And, Tim flip flops on It Comes At Night — in a surprising way!

Plus, the boys have a new project and it has something to do with Emma Stone — big shocker, right?

And this week, our Hooligans share a couple of stories about being dads, including one that could change the fate of our fearless host for the rest of his life.

Find out what Tim thinks of his daughter hitting dating age and how David introduced his daughter to the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader.

This week on the Reel Hooligans podcast!

206: Reel Hooligans versus The Mummy

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