Scary movies. Ghosts. Monsters. And a bunch of Hooligans.

Yes! It’s that time — FINALLY!! Our big Halloween or as we call it — HOOLIWEEN.

Tim and David are joined by Lonita CookAlan Rapp and Jeff Owens from the Kansas City Film Critics Circle; and Nick Leach.

Topics include fav Halloween traditions, and movie reviews of Shin Godzilla, and The Accountant .

And yes, it’s a big episode for us so we’ve got not one, but two games!! — one involving our Hooligans (including a David v Alex rematch ) playing a round of Hooligan Dating Profiles and then we get our crowd involved for a game of Blockbuster Recall (Hooliween Editiion), and it’s a total disaster.

Grab a drink. Enjoy.

Listen to the Hooliween 2016 episode:

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